UC Crest     First United Church is part of the United Church of Canada - www.united-church.ca.


The United Church was formed in 1925 when the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches in Canada united to form one body.


Here’s a bit of info about the UCC:

  • largest protestant denomination in Canada
  • about 3 million people attend over 3,000 churches
  • 90 presbyteries - a group of United Churches in a region. First United is part of the Yellowhead Presbytery - www.yellowheadpresbytery.org
  • 13 Conferences - a group of presbtyeries in a region. First United is part of the Alberta and Northwest Conference - www.anwconf.com


The United Church of Canada is held together by a common vision rather than rigid doctrinal adherence. We recognize that there is room for interpretation when it comes to theology and doctrine. But here are some of our, and this congregation’s core beliefs.


The Bible is central to the United Church.  As a source of wisdom, personal prayer and devotion, we believe that the Bible can bring us closer to God, empowering us to experience God’s continuing work of creation and liberation in the world, while offering us forgiveness, healing and new life in Jesus.


Communion:  At the Communion Table, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the host and all are guests. In our sharing of bread and wine we not only remember Jesus’ last supper with his followers, we experience Christ alive among us today.  At First United we celebrate it monthly.


Baptism symbolizes the new life God gives us as we join the Christian community. We offer baptism to all ages believing the gift of God’s love does not depend on our ability to understand or explain it.  With children, instruction is given to parents to equip them for the child’s Christian nurture.  During the ceremony, the congregation vows support for the individual or child and family.


Inclusion:  We share Jesus’ passion for inclusion and welcome all who seek to love God  through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  We embrace the intercultural mandate that celebrates the family of God as diverse in culture, ability, socio-economic diversity, language and so much more.


Social Concern:  Our church has a commitment and passion for social justice. We believe that to follow Christ means we must engage directly in the good work of transforming our world by God’s love.


Here are some links: 

Our Creed:  www.united-church.ca/beliefs/creed  


Statement of Faith, 1940: www.united-church.ca/beliefs/statements/1940 


Song of Faith, 2006: www.united-church.ca/beliefs/statements/songfaith