The Board at First United Church is in an exciting time of transition.  We are changing from the Council model to the Board Model, served by a chair, secretary and five members with Finance and Ministry and Personnel being part of this Board.

The Board is responsible for the policies and oversight of the church and it focuses on key issues pertaining to overall direction, purpose and mission.  It works in close conjunction with the Minister and is ultimately responsible to the congregation.


The Board is considered part of the Church Governance structure.


Ministries of the church refer to all other work of the community. Areas of ministry are led and coordinated by Ministry Teams.  They are supported by the leadership of our Minister.


The Ministry Teams, which includes all staff, paid or volunteer, is responsible for implementing the vision of our church.  Here many teams such as, Worship, Outreach, Stewardship, Youth, to name a few, will work. These teams are accountable to the congregation, and the Minister or Team leader.


The Board and the Ministry Teams are on consistent conversation in areas around discernment and fulfillment of mission.


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