Mission / Vision

Vision and Mission

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In fall 2009, First United Church adopted the following vision statement and re-affirmed our mission statement.


The vision upholds the current image  for our church in which we strive to live out the mission. It came about from congregational discernment and reflects the the kind of people we aim to be and become, led by the grace of God.


Our Vision   

To be a community that welcomes all to explore their faith, as together we strive to become deeply committed Christians who reflect the Light of God in all aspects of their lives. 


Our core values are reflected in the acronym L.I.G.H.T.


                                                 We will share the Love of God, 

                                                                        Inclusive of all people. 

                                                 We will live with Gratitude and 

                                                   be a place of  Healing

                                 where all can explore their Talents in God.


The mission statement names what our church community exists to do.  


Our Mission Statement

We are a Christian Fellowship where all people are welcome and respected. We reach out through service and witness. We provide dynamic worship, education and mission opportunities. We are committed to creating a learning community with Christ as our example.  We are called to be spiritual leaders sharing individual gifts and talents according to God's will. We are challenged and encouraged to celebrate Christ with faith and hope.