Weddings are a celebration of the love and commitment two individuals make to each another.  Promises are exchanged, symbols of love given and the blessing of God is experienced in the presence of family and friends.  We welcome a conversation with you in preparation for this significant day.

The wedding is just the beginning of the marriage. And in preparation for the wedding and marriage couples will be encouraged by the community of First United.  We do this by providing guidelines for all couples. They include couples:

  • attending sessions with the Minister - at least three, at the Minister’s discretion if more sessions are recommended.
  • participating in a Marriage Preparation programme - weekend group option or private couple sessions
  • adherence to First United wedding policy - including guidelines for photography, decorations etc.

It is the hope of First United Church that couples will attend worship with First United. Our hope is for you to experience the community and be inspired to find a spiritual home with us or somewhere else,  so that your marriage is spiritually nurtured. 

Ceremonies are performed in the First United sanctuary or narthex.

All fees are indicated in our Wedding Policy.

Please contact the office at 780-998-4060 or for more information.  We look forward to welcoming you and being a part of your special day.