Welcome Message

Welcome to First United!  A community of Life, Light and Love.

UC Crest

Thank you for making us a part of your faith experience..

If Sunday worship is new to you, the first thing to know is that you are welcome to come just as you are. Maybe you want to raise your hands in joy - that's okay. Maybe you want to sit quietly and reflect on your day, week or life - that's okay too. Maybe you need to connect with someone and share in prayer - that's alright also!  Just come as you are to hear a message of God's love and grace.  

We worship on Sundays at 10am.

First United is welcoming to children and families. We offer a nursery and playroom for children. Please feel free to access the nursery during service. There is sound wired into the room for caregivers to remain engaged in worship service. To find the nursery, speak to a member of Sunday's hospitality team (they'll be wearing coloured name tags) or watch for the signs in the foyer directing you. Additionally, there are directional footprints stenciled on the wall in the hall leading to the nursery.

If you are hard of hearing, there are hearing aid supports available. Please ask a member of the hospitality team.

When the service is over we often gather for refreshment or a community meal. Please know that you are always welcome and it's a great time to connect with others.

Thank you joining us. We look forward to hearing your story and furthering our faith journey together.