Sign Painting Fundraiser 

On Saturday October 21st  @ 10:00 a.m.  we will be having a sign painting fundraiser here at First United Church in the fellowship hall.  The cost for the event is 45.00 per person. $15.00 from each ticket sold goes to the church. The signs are all made on 12 x 20 pine.  We will have 8 different designs that you can choose from.  Samples of the signs are on display in the foyer.  These signs are done using stencils so it is easy for everyone wither you’re an expert painter, or maybe this is your first attempt.   Tickets can be purchased through the church office or through email transfer to use password - october

When you purchase your ticket you will also need to let us know which sign you wish to paint.  The sign will be pre-painted with background color shown on the samples before the event.

Check out our event through the Nailed it Custom Wood & Vinyl Signs Facebook Page by clicking HERE

Click on images below to see large view.