Voting Procedure Update

At a recent workshop on The Manual 2013 the following procedures were discussed and as they are part of The Manual must be followed. 

Section B, 3.7.l

All full members whose names are on the membership roll have the right to vote at all meetings of the congregation.

B, 3.7.2

Adherents may vote at meetings of the congregation if the full members decide to allow adherents to vote and if the vote is on a financial or administrative matters only.

B, 3.7.3

Adherents may not vote as follows:

a) on anything involving the pastoral relationship, including searches, calls and appointments.

b) in elections of the governing body, committees, trustees and presbytery representatives and of other bodies and officers.

c) on anything involving the order of worship

d) on amalgamating, disbanding, or realigning the congregation or pastoral charge and

e) on property matters needing presbytery consent

Also Section B, 5.6 Voting

Voting at a congregational meeting must be by ballot unless the congregation or pastoral charge decides on another way of voting. 

There must be a motion to use a show of hands for any vote.  If even one person declines that method, the voting must be done by ballot.