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Feb.13 Board Update
by Jackie St. Goddard - Board Chair
UPDATE FROM THE BOARD - February 13, 2014

As per policy, the February 11th  meeting was a time of evaluation and review for the Board

The Governance Policy was accepted as presented with no changes deemed necessary. You may read the policy by clicking this link: Governance Policy 2014

The process for the evaluation saw each Board member complete a questionnaire specifically evaluating the clarity of the policy, the effectiveness of the policy and the relevance at this time.  It also asked about the support offered to the Board roles.

Additionally members were asked to evaluate the Board Members preparedness, active participation in the life of the Church, participation in the work of the Board beyond the meetings and Board members speaking as a unified voice.

The criteria for Board meetings consisted of critique of time spent on spiritual development, agenda effectiveness and general comments.

The one area of concern for the Board was that the Board would be more effective if it was operating at full complement.  There are currently three vacancies and our prayer is that someone will come forward to inquire and perhaps serve.  The Board cannot force or appoint any church member to serve on the Board, that is up to each member individually.  There is a process in place which allows you to inquire, read over some material, and be in discussion prior to committing.  This allows a person to truly know what the role is about, what is expected and what happens at a meeting.

We encourage each of you to consider the vacancies and discern if there is a role you can help with:  Chair elect, Yellowhead Presbytery Representative and one Member at Large.

As well, all ministry areas in the church are welcoming new members.  Speak to a team leader and offer your support.

The agenda for the Annual Congregational meeting on Sunday February 16 was discussed and prepared.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in this important meeting.

You are the voice of our church, your input is valued.

Being a Board member is a ministry of leadership, and it is a privilege to serve this congregation.  If you have questions, beefs or bouquets don't hesitate to give anyone of us a call.                  

Jackie St. Goddard                      Sara Roper  (to be ratified)
Board Chair - 780-998-3851         Secretary - 780-708-6267
Joan Prochnau                            Ted Griffiths
Treasurer - 780-998-1008            Member at Large & Property Portfolio - 780-992-1982
Elwood Galloway                            Diane Durnford  (to be ratified)
Member at Large - 780-998-3058     Member at Large - 780-998-4727
Richard Lemieux
M & P Chair - 780-922-4930